My Contribution – Pro Bono activities

Every human being is, to an amazing extent, the result of contributions made by others.  Thus, it is a logical consequence for quite a number of professionals to try paying back and reciprocating with useful initiatives or charitable works for the benefit of those, who may need assistance.

I have tried to follow this line of thought.


My student’s corporation at Marburg/Lahn („Clausthaler Wingolf zu Marburg“) is part of the Wingolfsbund, an association of  young christian academics in Germany, Austria and in Estonia. The members of the Wingolfsbund and of its „old boys“ association (3,600 members) maintain and run approximately 30 student homes for young academics at affordable prices. I had the honour of chairing the sponsors of the student home at Kirchspitze in Marburg for thirteen years and the „old boys“ association of the entire Wingolf for eleven years.


I am a Rotarian since 1996. For ten years I acted as Foundation Officer and channeled all of my club’s major sponsoring activities for education, foreign orphanages and for the coaching of young academics.


In 2011 I got invited to become a member of the protestant Order of St.John, where I had the opportunity of advising on mergers, disinvestments and new structures for an enhanced corporate governance over the Order’s numerous hospitals, day-clinics and nursing homes in central Europe. Presently I seek to contribute as elected „Master of Works“ for  the Order’s installations in the  Rhineland.