Dr. Alexander LOOS - International Arbitrator

Senior Legal Consultant for Dispute Resolution

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Areas of Expertise

My legal advice and representation as well as my contributions as arbitrator or mediator are focussed on Post M&A matters, construction-related mediation or arbitration and on the arrangements for forensically „watertight“ expert reports.

Post-M&A Services

As soon as transactions in the merger or aquisition process have gotten closed and integration is beginning, there may come up surprising disappointment calling for immediate claim management, be it for chasing any counterparty or former advisors….

Mediation & Arbitration

Different from any litigation with public hearings in courts, every arbitration will be handled by party-selected, service-minded and market-weathered professionals.
The same goes for practicing mediators. In these special markets you may want a good scout or reliable „bodygard“ ….

Expert Reports

When legal issues hinge on facts reqiring scientifically qualified technical, medical or commercial verification, then experts must be selected, briefed and mentored for presenting their opinion convincingly and understandably – not for experts but for legally trained decision makers…

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Mergers & Aquisitons


„Hedging against Non-performance in M&A – Escrows, Legal Opinions etc” in “Mergers & Acquisitions in Germany”
(Author), edited by Dr. Christoph Louven, German Law Publishers, Stuttgart 2011 (ISBN 978-3-941389-09-0);

International Arbitration


“Current Reforms in International Institutional Arbitration”
(Co-Author) in Loos/Baur/Pörnbacher, Betriebsberater 2011, p.711 seq.

On Public-Private Projects


“Large Public-Private Projects in Germany – An Analysis of Success Stories”
(Author) Heidelberger Kolloquium Technologie und Recht; an analysis of factors which seem to stabilize PPP-Projects for more than 10 years.

Corporate Criminal Law


“Criminal Embezzlement by Corporate Executives and its Asymetric Dependence on Liability”
(Author) a commemorative contribution to “Festschrift für Jürgen Wessing”, C.H. Beck Verlag, Munich, 2015;

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